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Thirteen Things my Five-Year-Old Really Should have Thought Through

I’m told that children have to learn a certain amount by experience, and that you can’t tell them everything. Somehow this is part of the learning experience, and is healthy and good.

I find myself doubting this when I see my small boy stuck, for example, in a cardboard box he decided to sit on the edge of. It doesn’t look the most educational position to me. But I’m doing my bit for parenting. I try to take photographs whilst I let him learn.

So here are the ten times since turning five that R really should have thought things through:

  1. The time when he piled up eight sofa cushions on top of the sofa, climbed on them, and ended up hanging off the curtain rail, which came out of the wall on one end.
  2. Before squeezing “glue” all over a piece of wrapping paper, and then discovering that it was actually white chocolate icing.
  3. That time when he poured himself a really big glass of milk, carried it to the carpet, saw the lego, forgot the milk and kicked the glass over literally ten seconds later.
  4. When he said “I never want to play with you again, EVER” – to the one person he lives with all the time…1795354_735734149851275_4171096334895559046_o
  5. The time he decided he didn’t want to eat a tuna sandwich and hid it down the edge of the sofa cushion, and then took the cushion off a week later to build a fort and got mouldy tuna sandwich all over his hair.
  6. Before he carefully drew his own picture, watched his older friend draw her own careful one, and then scribbled all over hers, laughing.
  7. The time he shredded all the remaining loo roll and chucked it down the loo WHILST doing a poo.
  8. When he tried to balance his small chair on his skateboard and then sit on it.
  9. Before drawing a cylindrical rocket with two circular boosters on the bottom.
  10. Before forgetting he was two years older than last time and laboriously squeezing himself into this car…Rufus squeezed into small car
  11. Before jumping out at me SO MANY TIMES in one day that I did it back and made him cry.
  12. The time he filled the bath up to about an inch off the top, got out, and then stood on the edge and jumped in.
  13. When he actually let me count to three before getting into bed.

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A poem to celebrate 1000 page likes and 750,000 reads on The Cupid Touch.


For five years every bedtime
Has been a battle-ground –
What once were cries now pleading,
And pyjamas thrown around.

“But Mummy, I’m still hungry!”
Gets me tearing out my hair,
As does the constant wriggling
And the “Mummy, it’s not fair!”

I can’t seem to explain it –
That every single night
He goes from cute to monstrous
Once I switch off the main light.

And how is it he thinks of
Fifty thousand things to say
When I’ve sat with him already
And asked all about his day?

By the time he gives up fighting
And lays down his monstrous head,
I’m barely still awake myself
And longing for my bed.

Instead I have to climb back up
And sort out all the mess,
Or exercise, or work or worse –
Use Facebook to impress.

But then a week ago, when I
Was tired to my core
(And admittedly, hungover,
From a foolish night before) –

I lay down in the afternoon
And said, “I need a nap.”
Expecting that my monster
Would start jumping on my lap.

Instead he stroked my shoulder,
Tucked my duvet around me,
Then went and got a story
And read it beautifully.

Once finished, he said,
“Sleep well!” and kissed me on the head
Then quietly took his toys
Down to the bottom of my bed.

His peace and quiet was soothing,
Even though it was quite short,
And I lay there, quietly hoping
This was care that I had taught.

Then, rested for a moment
I didn’t feel so wrecked
When he jumped on me and asked
If we could play with lego next.

Getting up was easier
With a monster helping me –
And at least I got to sit and build
A lego robot tree.